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Roof Cool Tiles?

   Usually the sun’s heat falls directly on the roof of our house. Thus the roof of our house draws in high heat and emits more heat into the interior of our house. To reduce this, it is customary to lay red tiles on the terrace of the house, which is a primeval thing. It is a well known fact that red tiles have very low heat dissipation capacity and therefore the heat inside of the house is very high.

   White cool roof tiles without transmitting solar heat, reflects and controls the internal heat of the house so that there is no heat inside the house. Various scientific studies have shown that changing the roof to white colour can reduce global warming.


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Esky Roof Cool Tile assures you an Anti- skid Surface as it has more friction. So that one can walk on the terrace with more grip. Though its Anti skid, it provides a smooth surface to walk on the terrace.


Our Cool roof tiles are made of naturally occurring materials which is curate in a manner that stop the growth of fungal objects.
To ensure the surface is free from fungal and other bodies keep the tile surface clean with normal bleaching powder once in six months or based on the nature of the usage of terrace

High Strength

Esky Roof Cool Tiles are manufacture in the method of trending technology by using various natural minerals so that it consists of highest flexural strength among other roof tiles.
Esky roof cool tiles has high flexural strength value 3.2 approved by National Test House. Because of its high flexural strength Esky Roof Cool tiles will not get damaged easily.

Light Weight

Even though tough Esky roof cool tiles is having high flexural strength our tiles remain less in weight with extensive research and testing our tiles are made in correct composition that results in a light weight.
When compared to red clay or other white tiles in market our Esky roof cool tiles are comparably less in weight

Heat Resistant

Esky Roof Cool tile can reduce the roof heat by 95% which enables you to walk on hot summer noon, Esky roof tiles are made of composite materials that reflect the light and keep the roof cooling.
Compared to an ordinary red clay tile Esky roof cool tile reflects more than 50% of Heat. The entire tile is made up of single binding material which results in high heat reflective nature. Esky roof cool tile does not allow heat inside the building its act as a heat reflective shield.

Power Saving

In normal houses with red clay tile or cement roofs that effect of hearing spread across the room.
This may consume more electricity in terms of using fans and air conditioning. But in the Esky roof cool tile, the heat is prevented in the surface of the tile itself so the temperature inside the house remain cool.
This directly proportional to the use of electricity in terms of fan and air conditioning.

Cost Effective

Laying Esky Roof Cool tiles costs you less when compared with conventional clay tiles in terms of laying and maintenance cost.


Esky Roof cool tile is an 100% eco friendly product. We use natural cooling minerals for producing the tile which results in lesser usage of Wealthy clay soil. Lower the AC usage resulting in low emittance of CFC to the atmosphere. Its capable of reflecting Sun’s heat rays back to the atmosphere due to its naturally occurring natural cooling minerals.