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Our employees has committed itself to research and development in sustainable the Roof Cool Products.

We Repair Your Roof Cool Tile With Passion

We adopting such techniques in Roof Cool Tile, the company has become one of the biggest Tiles companies in its command.

ESKY Roof Cool Tile are manufactured using high quality naturally occurring white minerals which is effective
withstand any climatic temperature. The entire tile is made up of single binding material which results in high flexural strength and high heat reflective nature. Due to it’s top to bottom single binding nature, our roof cool tiles can withstand any temperature.

Warmth Resistant

ESKY roof cool tiles can lessen the roof heat by ninety 5% which enables you to stroll on hot summer season midday. Our tiles are fabricated from composite materials that reflect the solar light and maintain the roof cooling.

Compared to an ordinary crimson clay tile, esky roof cool tiles reflects greater than 50% of heat. The whole tile is made up of single binding material which results in high heat reflective nature. ESKY roof cool tiles does no longer allow warmth in the building its act as a heat reflective shield.

Eco – Friendly

ESKY roof cool tile is an 100% eco friendly product. We use herbal cooling minerals for producing the tile which ends up in lesser utilization of wealthy clay soil.

Decrease the ac utilization resulting in low emittance of cfc to the environment.
Its capable of reflecting solar’s warmth rays again to the atmosphere because of its naturally going on herbal cooling minerals.

Anti skit

Despite the fact that the tile surface is clean sufficient to mirror the sun rays but not smooth as ceramic tile.

So in phrases of firction the tiles offer precise grip over taking walks.

Even the tile is wet, the cool roof tiles is resistance to the skidding and keep away from needless accidents. We need to make certain the tile surface is clean sufficient form dirt.

Anti Fungal

Our roof cool tiles are manufactured from clearly occurring substances that is curate in a manner that forestall the boom of fungal objects.

To ensure the surface is loose form fungal and different our bodies keep the tile surface clean with everyday bleaching powder as soon as in 6 months or based totally on the nature of the use of terrace.

Power Saving

In regular houses with crimson clay tile or cement roofs the impact of hearing spread across the room.

This will eat more power in phrases of the use of fanatics and air conditioning. However in out cool roof tile, the heat is avoided within the surface of the tile itself so the temperature inside the house stay cool.

This directiy propositional to the use of energy in phrases of fan and aircon..

Light weight

Despite the fact that hard our tiles is having excessive flexural energy our tiles remain less in weight with big studies and checking out our tiles are made in an appropriate composition that outcomes in a light weight.

Whilst compared to the red clay or different white in market our ESKY cooling tiles are comparably much less in weight.

Low price

Whilst in comparison to the other clay roof cool tiles and cement roofs our terrace roof cool tiles bring about low price in phrases of laying the tiles.

We need to think in phrases of weathering route and laying of tiles. Please check our calculator to discover how worthwhile our tiles are when as compared to other tiles.

Excessive Strength

ESKY roof cool tiles are manufacture within the method of trending era through using various natural minerals so that it includes maximum flexural energy among other roof tiles. ESKY roof cool tiles is one of the first-rate thermal insulation tile, cooling roof tiles. Esky roof cool tiles has highest flexural electricity value 3.2 (common modulus of rupture, n/mm2) permitted via nth (countrywide test house) because of its high flexural power lune tiles will no longer get damaged effortlessly.



ESKY roof cool tiles, the main roof cool tiles manufacturer in madurai, become conceptualised to produce and supply avante-grade tiles at aggressive prices. Our founders have comprehensive expertise about the industry thru many years of enjoy. This talent has empowered them to broaden unique strategies for product development and promotions. International warming and drastic changes in climatic situations had been a stark reminder of the depleting natural resources. Purchasers and companies must be inclined to make drastic modifications to protect the environment. As a pioneer in roof cool manufacturing, ESKY roof cool tiles has recognized one-of-a-kind solutions to assist clients save strength.



ESKY roof cool tiles, the main roof cool tiles manufacturers in Madurai, has produced and installed fine merchandise for the past 15 years. As a frontrunner and trendsetter within the section, we’ve got formulated a completely unique and revolutionary generation to broaden the product. Roof cool tiles in madurai have revolutionised the section that helps clients have a sleek outlook and keep energy. This has been a need of the hour era that could protect the surroundings and save the customer’s cash.

ESKY roof cool tiles utilises 15 cooling minerals to improve the overall performance of the tiles

Water-resistant tiles and include a leakage-evidence warranty


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Frequently Asked Questions

Almost any kind of building can advantage from a cool roof tiles. Just as carrying mild-coloured clothing can help preserve you cool on a sunny day, roof cool fabric is designed to reflect greater daylight and soak up much less heat than a wellknown roof. ESKY roof cool tiles replicate and emit the suns warmness in preference to soaking up it.

A roof cool is one this is designed to mirror extra daylight than a traditional roof. By means of growing reflectivity, the roofing cloth absorbs less light. This allows the roof to transmit much less solar warmth electricity into the residence or constructing

Lessen neighborhood air temperatures (occasionally called the city warmness island effect)

Lower peak electricity demand, that can help save you electricity outages.

Reduce strength plant emissions, including carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, and mercury, by decreasing cooling power use in buildings.

When we compare the direct and oblique benefits the roof cool tiles aren’t steeply-priced.

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